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Your guide(s) in Greece

click to see larger image ANNA IOANNIDOU
I am a 29 years old Biker and Graphic Designer all wrapped in one dynamic and determined package.
I have studied Graphic Design for five years in U. K (92’-97’) and worked in Greece as a freelance Designer and Video production assistant. I have been riding motorbikes since 1996. During the last three years I realized that motor biking is more than a lifestyle to me.

Having that in mind I decided to seek employment anywhere in the world in order to bring my self closer to the subject of my desire: Understanding how a M/C Tour company operates through personal experience while I ride as much as possible. After a years long global Internet research, I got my self to New Zealand and I worked there for two companies.

Always being a “traveling soul” I have traveled to the U.S, most of Europe, U.K, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Singapore and New Zealand and I have ridden to the most of the above.
I have a partial mechanical knowledge, very good computer knowledge, professional design and video production skills. My English is fluent, and I have strong communication skills.

Profile of co-guide (if one is needed)
The co-guide might change until tour starts, but you will defiantly receive a profile of the new person.

Vassilis is 40 years old and we have been friends for five years. He has done extended musical studies and he is a professional flute player as well as being a dedicated motorcycle rider. He is being riding and trekking the mountains for years now. He has travelled many times Asia, N. Africa and all of Europe. Vassilis speaks fluent German and English.
Except with music, he is involved with tourism and works as a freelance mountain guide (trekking). He is a very well educated person and a very social and multi-levelled personality and his experience on working with groups is extended.
His mechanical knowledge is good and I find him to be very suitable for co-guide, because next to all the above he is an adventure loving person which I could work with.

Went Live : Wed 28th January 2004
Author : Anna
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