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Types and general description of accommodation

Avoiding faceless huge hotels, the accommodation is based at:
· smaller hotels (class A/B)
· colourful B&B (most are Mansions or Traditional Houses, class A/B)
· and stylish rooms (class A/B),
which best reflect the Greek culture.

Hotels' classification falls under basic prerequisites such as the room size, spaciousness of amenities offered and services provided by the hotel.
There are cases (unofficially) when an establishment is registered to a lower grade than the services it offers. I have personally visited 90% percent of the accommodation I am using and the ones I haven’t, I researched about them from reliable sources.
1. The costing will be based on sharing TWIN ROOMS, but suites, fully equipped apartments and studios for up to 8 beds are available at several places.
2. At couple of cases, because of lack of choice, the accommodation it won’t be of the greater luxury and decorative excellence but it is always new, clean, with shower in the room and the basic modern facilities (never below class C).
3. All accommodation is breakfast inclusive. Some charge extra because they offer breakfast prepared with home made products of excellent quality using local recipes. I have included these in the costing.
4. Photographs of most accommodation could be available.
5. The accommodation DOES NOT include the day prior of the tour departure neither the day of arrival back to Athens

Average prices of accommodation

A 90 - 250 euro 130 - 300 euro
B 65 - 135 euro 90 - 170 euro
C 45 - 100 euro 60 - 135 euro

HOTELS: The above given rates are indicative and vary from one hotel to the other (even for the same class hotels), from season to season and from place to place.
Rates for luxury hotels vary from one hotel to the other.

B&B: Are considerably cheaper and much more personal and friendly.
The average prices are: 50-110 euro for a double room

Rooms in private houses are reasonably priced, clean and comfortable.

The prices REALY GO DOWN during OFF SEASON. This period varies from place to place though. (example: For some places OFF SEASON is only from Monday-Thursday and for others October-April)

Food, Activities, Attractions, Festivals & Fairs

I will be including the “goodbye” (last day) meal in the cost of the trip. After that, each one can eat, as they like to spend their money. I am not pre-booking restaurants because I like free will and spontaneity. Of course I have a range of suggestions to choose from, for each stop. While there, I can book a restaurant to get a better price for the group.
At list at one of the stops I will be doing the cooking with my co-guide. I enjoy cooking and I am sure that “a day in” is something that brings the group closer.
At the moment the average cost to eat at a Greek taverna a 2-course, exclusive the drinks is around 15-25 euros/pp without drinks. On the other hand you can do nicely with 2 kebabs and chips and spend around 5-7 euro/pp.

Went Live : Mon 26th January 2004
Author : Anna
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