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What's the TT like?

click to see larger image In terms of pure riding, I actually prefer the dramatic scenery and quieter roads of the French Alps. BUT, as an event, the combination of the high speed road racing, the riding and the party atmosphere, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is unique and unbeatable.

It’s not elegant and sophisticated; except for the very top expensive 4 star hotels, the accommodation doesn't match the best international standards. But, what we have is a genuine and friendly welcome.

Despite the crowds every night in Douglas, the atmosphere is jubilant and friendly.
Any form of trouble is practically unheard of.

Douglas is where most people want to stay, because this is where most of the evening entertainment takes place. Every night the seafront promenade is awash with bikes and people having a ball! It is particularly busy around Busheys at the port end of the Prom. Our accommodation is just outside the main doughnut burning, naked riding, wheelie / stoppie / and arrays of cunning stunts, so you can easily walk down there for the party, but return to a slightly quieter zone when you want to get some sleep.

The campsite we use is 3 miles out of town, at Union Mills. Sometimes guests stay back at camp and have a barbecue and a few beers, sometimes they catch a bus into Douglas for the night, then return by bus, taxi or Shanks‘ Pony later.

It's a personal view - but camping is by far the most fun - but you'll never know if you don't try it.

The photo here - see the guy with his thumb up? That's Andy Cherney, a journalist for the US mag "Motorcycle Cruiser" and assistant editor of the brand new publication "Motorcycle Escape". If you're in America right now, get a copy of the first edition (April 2004) as Andy has published an article about the TT in there. See website below.
Went Live : Sat 18th August 2007
Author : Bill
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