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click to see larger image General notes about arranging a trip to the TT.

To get ideal crossings, ferry tickets need to be purchased 12 months in advance. Initially a deposit is required, and the full balance is due the following February.

At the time of booking ferry tickets, purchasers do not even know what the price for the following year will be. That includes me - I do not know exactly what my 2008 ferry tickets will cost me yet.

Theoretically, the price is published in January of the year of crossing.

Similarly, an advance booking situation applies to accommodation. Many people return to the TT year after year after year, and they tend to return to the same place again and again, often making it hard to find rooms in the nicer guesthouses.

For just one or two people perhaps, itís often possible to pick up a ferry ticket at short notice close to the races (although it may be a middle-of-the-night sailing), and various bits and bobs of accommodation get traded on the Internet.

For a group however, itís better to try and get ferry and accommodation sorted out way in advance.

Having discovered the sometimes problematic nature of setting up a trip to the TT, I now set up tours to assist people who may otherwise struggle to do so themselves. My guests tend to be from the USA, Canada, Australia or Japan, although Iíve had French, British, Kiwis, Scandinavians, Portuguese and South Africans on the trip as well.
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Author : Bill
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