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click to see larger image What’s with the title?

Well, it’s the best roads in 3 different National Parks over 3 days. What constitutes “best” of course is subjective, but by my definition, it means off the beaten track, low traffic density and offering a degree of challenge to a motorcycle rider. Therefore I pick twisty roads, some of which are scarcely more than tracks, which take us through the hills and dales of our three National Park areas. Some fast A roads and motorways are used to get from one area to another, but on the whole, scenic back roads are preferred wherever possible.

Scotty says, "Bill's tours always have a certain Farmyard factor".

You cannot possibly see every part of somewhere like the Lake District in one day, so this whistle-stop tour is just a taster of what each area has to offer. The tour distance is normally 520 - 550 miles from Nottingham, back to Nottingham.

I was born in Yorkshire, and used to spend a lot of time motorcycling or potholing in The Dales. I also have vivid memories of action-packed school trips to the Lake District before scree-running was outlawed. I moved to Nottingham, did the same caving / walking / biking in the Peak District. Along with a bunch of biker-mates, I’d organise weekend ride-outs through Derbyshire (to avoid the M1) up to the Yorkshire Dales – and that’s how this “Best of Three” tour came about.

Often only around 8-10 bikes on these trips because my Derbyshire routes can be complex, and a bigger group gets split up too easily. (However we share route notes and I mark up maps for you) Plus we stay in tiny places, there physcially aren't enough rooms for many more people.

Ask if you want a camping version as I'm happy to offer this, and it's cheaper. Not many choose this option unfortunately, but that's how me and my mates always did it in the "good old days". 

We use old village coaching Inns for accommodation, but occasionally B&Bs. There's always a good pub nearby!

This is an ideal "training run" for someone perhaps contemplating a bigger trip to the The Alps later in the year. Meet me and perhaps some other "big trip" customers, get to know my style, ride the Hardknott Pass (and then you can ride anything the Alps can throw at you), and decide if you could put up with doing this kind of think for about for 10 days!

Went Live : Fri 18th December 2009
Author : Bill
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