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Tip 3, drinking

click to see larger image You will get VERY thirsty riding the mountain trails. You may carry plastic bottles of water in a bum bag, or tail pack strapped to your bike.

However, one of these rucksac-type water carriers are ideal for rehydration. They hold 1-2 litres of water, and a tube feeds water to your mouth, on demand, without the need to pull over. See the pack on the rider's back, pictured left.

The branded items are known as "Camelbaks" but there are cheaper alternatives around. Try outdoor shops, and places like Decathlon to get hold of one. Make sure the straps adjust wide enough to go over a bike jacket, as you'll use it again if you ride with me in France, and they're also excellent for mountain biking.

Choose carefully; some models also serve as a small rucksac to carry a few extra odds and ends - like a phone, or a bicycle pump. This is a useful feature.

Something for the Christmas stocking perhaps?.
Went Live : Wed 9th November 2005
Author : photo - a Camelback in action
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