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The usual price in recent years has been £790 per person plus flights, starting and finishing in Chiang Mai, and including the day or two either side of the actual bike touring.

This covers accommodation, bike hire, guiding (ha ha!), 4x4 support & luggage carriage.   Sorry - we use a qualified, registered Thai Guide (but in all honestry, I know the way better than he does).

Note - this is not "fully inclusive" but this is nowhere near the scary term you think it is.  I could double the tour price, make it fully inclusive and you'd be happy wouldn't you?  Or would you rather me be honest with you, and do this instead.....

The £790 doesn't include fuel for the bikes, park entrance fees or food.  Hey - don't run away - we usually run a kitty.  The kitty covers whatever we want it to.  I don't run it myself, as it's far more transparent to hand the purse to a group member.  For the past 2 or 3 trips, the kitty has covered fuel, lunches, some evening meals, beers, coffees, park entrance fees and other miscellaneous expenses.  The kitty normally worked out at about £90 GBP each - for the entire tour!!!!  The maximum kitty has been £110 GBP.   The kitty was just £60 GBP per head (4 payments of 1000 Baht) on my Nov / Dec 2006 Tour.  This covered all bike fuel, park entrance fees, meals and drinks.  That's amazing.

Another £50 or so personal spending money, and that's your lot.   (Draw cash from ATMs in BKK, Chaing Mai or Mae Hong Son)

Northern Thailand is NOT expensive. 

Breakfasts 50p? (GBP), lunch £1, evening meal £2-£3? Max.  Petrol - can't remember exact price, but it's way way less than UK.  Eat local food - it's delicious and good value.  You'll pay perhaps four times more for "Farang" food, and it's not as nice.

National Park Entrance fees used to be 200 Thai Baht. (about £3 GBP) This has just doubled to 400 Baht. But we only pay this once or twice on the entire tour.  "Fully Inclusive" prices might not look as good now eh?

Flights to Thailand from the UK usually range from about £550 to £650,  (got flights for £490 on my last trip - cheapeast ever!) but make sure the price you get includes transfers and all taxes. This will include internal transfers from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You can arrange your own flight and meet us there if you wish.

Our flights to Thailand in Jan 2008 are costing £750 each, which is higher than ever before; and with Eva Air, not my preferred Thai Airlines.  This is becuse we're still in the Christmas peak season.

I usually reserve the flight tickets on behalf of the whole group, from Travelmood in London. Then guests can make the flight payments directly with their own credit cards.

I've recently been running the trip in conjunction with Jim Spence, who is past Bike Tours Thai tour customer, tour helper / driver, and friend.  He is now resident in Thailand for large parts of the year, an dhas set up a ful yregistered and TAT approved business there.  More details here.

Jim's pricing is slightly different, but includes meals. So, in reality, there isn't a great deal of difference.

Mid-late November into December '08  and Jan 2009.

Thailand Enduro-type tour again.   Have names.  Need to confirm details.


November 2008 - anyone up for it?


January 2009 - dates set, 12th to 21st January 2009.  Again, working alongside my friend Jim Spence.   He's resident in Thailand and fuly TAT registered. More detail here  we can run it just like that, or customise slightly to suit Bike Tours UK customers.


Went Live : Fri 18th December 2009
Author : Bill
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