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Why Thailand?

click to see larger image Itís different. Different to Europe, different to the United States and itís a change from the world dominant western way of life. Northern Thailand has pleasant scenery, an accommodating & fascinating culture and itís off the conventional tourist trail. It is also a warm dry place to go when the UK & the Northern states of the USA are suffering a miserable & cold Winter. Itís not expensive once your flights are paid for, and your Thai Baht will buy you ample quantities of delicious food & drink, plus a selection of interesting souvenirs to bring home. Thailand was always a place I had wanted to visit, and when my friend John went to live over there for two years, his invitation to go and do some biking in 1999 was too much to resist. I had a great holiday travelling the North by bike & 4x4 for 10 days, then spent a further week or so on the beaches of Phuket and the Phi-Phi islands 1000 miles further South. Iíve since been back to lead a Bike Tour (January 2003), and wish to continue running motorcycle tours there every Winter now.
Went Live : Tue 28th September 2004
Author : Bill
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