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Motorcycle Theft

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Unfortunately stealing motorbikes is pretty commonplace in the UK, particularly around the larger cities. If you have a lock, please bring it with you, otherwise I will supply you with a sturdy lock if you are hiring one of my bikes. Why?

1. I don't want my bikes stolen.
2. I don't want you stranded with no transport in the middle of your holiday.
3. I don't want you to lose your 500 deposit (AKA "deductible").

I've never had any of my bikes stolen* - but then again, I'm very careful and always use good locks out on the road and I use multiple security devices in my alarmed garage when at home.  Some of these devices may be devised to cause extreme distress or harm to anyone who tries to steal my bikes. My bikes are also protected by the Datatag or Alpha Dot system as well.

Please choose secure parking, such as a locked garage, at night whenever possible. Use a disk lock or U lock, AND chain the rear wheel to something solid & immovable.

* UPDATE. I have had bikes stolen now, although not from my garage.  One of my rental bikes was stolen yesterday (Oct 2004). Theft IS a big problem, use the locks I lend to you and take care.

* UPDATE 2.  Another of my rental bikes was stolen whilst on loan to a friend.

* UPDATE 3.   A good customer, Steve, had his SV650 nicked last week.

* UPDATE 4.  I don't do bike rental anymore.

Went Live : Wed 10th March 2010
Author : Bill
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