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Prices & cost of living

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The unit of English currency is pounds sterling (pound or quid to the rest of us) and is written with the symbol. Each pound coin is worth 100 pennies (pence). When we speak, 5 sometimes abbreviated to a fiver, and likewise 10 is shortened to a tenner.

Considerably more than 2.50 per pint in London & the South but a more reasonable 1.80 - 2.50 in the North. Unlike France, alcohol costs around the same here, whether purchased from a supermarket or off-licence as from a pub. In many parts of Europe, beer and wine is cheap as chips in the supermarket, but costs an arm and a leg if you enter a bar. We can drink in pubs here from the age of 18 (not 21 USA style), and thankfully most pubs remain child free zones. I've got kids myself, and it's good to be able to take them out occasionally for a pub meal early evening, but later on, I agree that as a rule, pubs should remain adult only.

Bottle of wine - from supermarkets 2.50 to 10.00 plus. In restaurants, 12 to infinity

Petrol   "gas" to you.
Not cheap. 99p to 110p a litre now (4.50 per gallon).  Nearly $9 USD per gallon - and you lot in the States think you've got it tough. It's outrageous - as far as I know it's the most expensive in the world? Certainly in the places I've been to, I've never found it costing more than here. Things change though - there's currently a 1:1 GBP to Euro exchange rate - which makes fuel more expensive in France now.

Pub meal
5 to 10+ (North).
Restaurant meal
8 to 25 upwards (can be little more than a fiver for a curry in certain places though).

Camera film  - what?   Memory cards cheapest online.
4 a roll.   Hey - what a change since I first launched this website.

Electronic & White Goods

We seem to be getting this stuff dirt cheap these days.  Digital Cameras are cheap, memory is cheap, CD's and DVDs are cheap if you know where to go - try Fopp records, or online via Amazon, or   For memory, gadgets and batteries, try

A decent bike jacket
100-350.    Strangely enough, good jackets can be had for under 100 now - especially at places like the BMF show.

A motorcycle helmet
60-400.   (although you can sometimes get ACU Gold Stamped ones for less than 60)

Motorcycle Boots
100 upwards.   (again  -watch for bargains at the BMF)

Hotel accomodation
35-100 per night (London much more expensive than the North).
Bed and breakfast
20-30 per person per night.
Variable - sometimes almost free, but say 5 to 10 GBP per head per night as a safe bet.

Went Live : Wed 18th November 2009
Author : Bill
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