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The Weather

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The British Isles are not renowned for good weather. Contrary to popular belief, it does not rain all the time however, but it can be wet and temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees Celsius. This photo was taken in June 2001, just after the "non-TT Festival" after a night's stay in Morecambe. We are just about to ride to Scotland - in the rain. Please bring some waterproofs with you, and don't say you haven't been warned! We encourage hardy souls on our tours in the UK!

Expect around 17-21C (60-70F) daily temperatures from June to September. If, however, you're visiting from an oppressively hot place (such as Texas in high summer) you may appreciate a break in our cool, temperate climate.

In the case of very heavy rain we will still ride if you wish or we can find alternative activities to occupy the day.   Sometimes, we just have to ride, whatever the weather does.

We were amazed in August 2003 when the UK experienced a new all-time temperature record of 38.1 degrees Celcius - that's getting on for 100 degrees F for those of you still dealing in old money. It's hot.

Don't expect this to be repeated for a while!!!!

Interesting........  That photo was taken in Morecambe, after the 2001 TT "Festival".  The weather was just like that again on the way out to the 2005 TT Races!

Went Live : Wed 10th March 2010
Author : Bill
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