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Shaun returns for TT Races 2007

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Testimonial # 2:  (click photo to see Shaun in all his glory, aboard the bike he hired)

What can I say (or write)? If you've made it this far than you

already know about the legendary TT. Some things get better with age,

like Scotch or wine. Even some women I've known.


I thought the TT in 2005 was as good as it could get, I was wrong. The 100th will be the milestone from which all others will be judged. My man Bill (and your

man too, if you are wise), at the last minute got me in touch with

Superbike Rentals in Brentwood, just outside of London. Unfortunately

they only had one bike left for hire at this late and desperate

hour...a slouch?...a dog? embarassment to all things mechanical

p'raps? No. A genuine Ducati 999. Was it the last bike left because of

the cost...probably. Was it the all-time classic bike to lap the Man

on? Without a doubt. Bear in mind, Bill has ridden with me very

quickly, faster than most, no lie, and without him telling the folks

at SB Rentals that I was worth a damn, they wouldn't have rented me a

sheep. Nothing against sheep, but after all, I am an American and our

riding history as tourists in the U.K. is well deserved. Without Bill,

I would have been SOL (Shit out of Luck). I prefer a Ducati. Enough

about acquiring the machinery. ,

It's fully six months after this trip that I'm writing this. That's

how long it has taken to sober up. I can close my eyes right now, and

still be drunk with speed. I can hold my breath, and get as high as

the mountain mile. The sun is coming up now in Nicaragua, I'm

overlooking a green verdant valley that ends at the Pacific. And with

this beauty before me, I can't wait to get back to the IOM, it's just

better there. Paradise is not necessarily centipedes crawling over

your toes (which just happened to me, as I am writing this from a wide

open back porch).

About the people you will meet...they are the best people in the

world, after all, they're at the TT with you. You can't ask for

anything more than that. If you love motorcycling, and you're lucky,

I'll see you ther one day in early June.

Peace, Love , and I think you can go faster.

Shaun Riddle

Went Live : Tue 13th November 2007
Author : Shaun Riddle
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