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Shaun at TT Races 2005

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Now then, Shaun is a larger-than-life character, and great to have around.  Like myself, he does tend to speak his mind however, and I've had to edit his comments just a tad, as to not offend too many people!  Shaun's slightly abridged TT testimonial below....

Greetings & testimony from the U.S.A.    

The following is specifically for the use of BikeTours UK and, or, Bill Roughton, et al. Got that? O.K. Allow me to preface this screed by saying, unequivocally, and for the safety of yourself, and the other riders around you, i.e., ME! That, if you are not FAST! You, (and I mean YOU!), please get your motorcycle from Bill, (or any of the other suppliers of hired bikes he works with), a day or two early, acquire any one of the wonderfully detailed maps available in the UK, and make your own way to wherever it is that you think you've hired Mr. Roughton to hold your hand to; and wait for us. We'll be there shortly, then we'll leave. I swear.
Mr. Roughton is as fine an English gentleman as you are ever going to meet. But, he does not have time to give you rudimentary U.K. motorcycling lessons, he is far too polite to say this however. As he said, in an e-mail to me, before I had ever met him, he "rides like the wind".
Now, understand, I'm an native Floridian (Irish family on me Ma's side got here in 1841), and as such, I am fully qualified to judge wind. Make no mistakes, (literally, if you do, you'll be into a stone wall and there won't be a thing anyone can do about
 it, except for the ambulance service, and, personally, I don't want to wait for them either), he was not talking about a gentle breeze o'er your bullocks and up 'yer kilt wind. The man was referring to a full on; class IV or V hurricane (that's 100+ M.P.H. wind to you). Please, be honest with yerself and yer fellow riders as to your abilities (or lack thereof).
PLEASE BE AWARE - Shaun is referring to the Isle of Man here, where there are no speed limits outside the built up areas.  There area lot of quick riders over there - which can come as a bit of a shock.
Short section removed here - sorry Shaun!
The TT Races are not a novice weekend. Bear in mind, a lot of the locals know the road well. Don't try and keep up with them.
So, if yer up tae it, take the greatest trip of yer life, and get closer to a motorcycle that's doing 200 M.P.H.  (other than by riding one), than you'll ever get again. My testimony is that, it is the best time I have ever had with my clothes on. But, beware, the Germans in the campsite tend to wind up naked, and the French will try to bar-b-que with raw house coal. Farewarning. I'm just a witness. An olde gyppo even told me that I would be lulled to sleep by the sound of rev limiters at dawn. Gypsies can be keen like that.
Riding the track is an unbelievable experience, once again, be honest with yerself and don't try to keep up with the FAST guys, i.e. Bill, (or me, or John, or Jonesey), or any of the other loose nuts behind the handlebars that will pass you, (see Mad Sunday). 
The beer/ale is spot on, and if yae order a budweiser, yer a wanker.
American rules rugby. The Aussies, Kiwis, and fireman Shrek will understand, nae doubt.  Go Feck Ya! Whale Oil Beef Hooked.                                         
Shaun Riddle, Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.
Bill's comment;  scary guy!  Great Fun.  Welcome back anytime.  Shaun lives in Nicaragua now, but he's a fully paid up member of the TT Races 2007 group.  Look forward to seeing you agin in May, Shaun.
Went Live : Wed 20th January 2010
Author : Shaun R
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