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TT 2007 review

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Here are Dobie's words instead of mine (the guy pictcured on left hand side, from USA).  Some of the TT camping group.

Returning to the TT Races again in 2008.

My traveling mate and I (Ray, second from right) were lucky enough to get included with Bill's 2007 IOM TT group this past May - June.  We had planned to go to the Isle of Man Centenary for three years and tried to put the trip together ourselves.  We managed  to get to London, and get bikes hired, but we were only able to get our hands on CRAPPY ferry tickets.  I think it was fate, but luckily we hooked up with Bill on the internet.  He told us that his 2007 tour was fully booked, but he gave us loads of information and added us to his cancellation list.
About six months before the trip, Bill suggested that we try to meet up with his group and ride through the country with them on their way to the ferry.  He said that it was a very beautiful ride, and that we could get some good quick twisties under our belt on the wrong side of the road.  So when we got to London,  we called Bill and set up a time and place to meet in Nottingham.  It was the best decision of our riding lives!!!  Man, was he right...absolutely gorgeous country!!!  England is beautiful.
After working our way across England luck shines on us again!  Due to cancellations, Bill was able to include us in his main travel group.  It was the best trip of my life....the IOM is the Holy Grail of motorcycles!!!  It's like riding in a rolling museum during organized chaos!!!  We rode great roads, met great people from around the world, were welcomed with genuine hospitality, and made some new lifelong friendships ( Emma, Zapman, Peter, Shrek, Shaun, Dan, Kitsie, John, Graham, Bob, Jane, Stuart, Sonia, and of course Bill )!!!!  Words can't describe the fun we had or the memories we made.  The British are truly a kick in the ass...they know how to have a good time!!! 
I'm already trying to make plans for 2008!!!
Thanks Bill

To book for 2008, contact Bill.  Situation this year (2008) was the same. I was FULL, but some people have backed out, so there are a limited number of extra places back on sale. It's worth contacting me, as almost right up until the day of departure, people change their plans or throw their bikes down the road, so spare tickets sometimes become available.

Went Live : Wed 2nd April 2008
Author : Dobie
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