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UK Guide & Tips for visitors

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The Truth - A Visitor's Guide to the UK.   From Bill's point of view.

I'll attempt to give you a "warts & all" account of what it's like to be biking in the UK. We generally enjoy ourselves, despite the weather. We make the most of it, retain a stiff upper lip, and have a laugh.

Allow for sarcasm and scepticism throughout this section. The UK is still a great place to visit. We residents take the place for granted. It's only when I've been away travelling for a while, and then return home again, that I start to appreciate its many attractions.   I love travel, and I could fit in perfectly with a life in the Alps or Provence, but I'm afraid I think I'll never move.  Despite its faults and our constant whingeing, I'm staying  put in Britain.

Did I mention Real Ale and English Pubs?

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We also have some great twisty roads, and despite the ever increasing numbers of revenue cameras around, there are still places you can ride free and enjoy yourself a bit. The British policeman, still unarmed, can actually be reasonably tolerant compared to some other countries. We're allowed to "filter" between rows of cars here as long as it's done carefully. The Americans call it "lane splitting" and by and large it's illegal in the USA. No sitting in traffic jams for us here though!

I love Britain, and much as I'd be tempted to emigrate to a warmer country, it isn't going to happen.

We're sometimes quite a miserable lot here. We grumble about everything and complain about the weather. But we do say "please" and "thank you" and know how to form an orderly queue.

We also know how to enjoy ourselves when we're in the mood. The atmosphere in a real British Pub is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Foreign bars just aren't the same.

Bit by bit, I'll update the sections to your right with further information. If you're from America (as 80% of you are), have a good read, and try and pick up some of the lingo and our life-style.

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