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French Alps; 28th June to 7th July 2013

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French Alps, Every Summer in June or July, 10 days (9 nights)   

Every year I run an almost identical trip to the French Alps.   This well-established Alpine adventure is very competitively priced, and even those on a tight budget should have no real worries even in these Credit Crunch days.

Sailing outward at lunchtime on a Friday from Dover to Calais, returning a stretched week later, on Sunday afternoon, Calais to Dover at approx 14:00.   This trip starts and finishes in England, but when we have picked up our rental bikes (where applicable), we set off to the port of Dover and head for foreign shores. A short boat crossing of 75 minutes sees us on French soil, where we head on down to the Alps, some 600 miles further south. The mountainous scenery is stunning, and the twisty roads are as exciting as anywhere in the world.

If the highest mountain passes in The Alps aren't stunning enough for you, side excursions are possible to the Mediterranean Sea, which is a further 250 miles to the South if anyone wants to add a little extra to their holiday. France has an entirely different culture and language to England, and generally much better weather as well, which is something of a bonus for us.

Escorted Alps Tour prices include
Return Ferry                         

1 night in hotel HALF BOARD. On outward journey      

7 nights in Bourg, in hotel, chalet or camping.

1 night in Sezanne or Dizy for Hotel accommodation on your way home




read on for pricing structure




For past guests and existing early bookings my prices remain very competitive



Alps Tour Prices


HOTEL DEALS         Best for independance, privacy & comfort


Full hotel Deal – 10 days / 9 nights.  Single Rider – own room*


Includes evening good meals on outward & return journeys and B&B hotel accommodation in Bourg St Maurice                                               £811


* please note, especially on the outward journey, I use an exceptionally character-laden small, charming hotel.  I reserve the whole hotel, but due to it’s small size, some room sharing may be inevitable.


Bill’s comment – the most expensive option I offer, but it’s the still fairly unfavourable exchange rate against the Euro which has done it.  But, with this, you still get your own, en-suite hotel room for the duration of your stay in Bourg.  Still good value compared to the competition.

 Actually this price is less than it was in 2008



Full hotel Deal – full trip 10 days / 9 nights.  2 people on one bike

Couple on one bike, double room throughout.  HB en-route, B&B in Alps.


Rider £681 plus pillion £631.                                      Or £656 each


Bill’s comment – a reasonable deal for a couple, or 2 friends on one bike who want an en-suite hotel room for every night of their holiday.



Full hotel Deal – full trip 10 days / 9 nights.  1 rider, 1 bike, share room.


Riders on own bikes, happy to room share

Single riders on own bike, to share double or twin room throughout. 2 riders, two bikes, sharing double room if a couple, or twin bedded if just room mates.



Room share riders £681



Bill’s comment – the best compromise for riders, each on own bike, who want a hotel room throughout, but don’t mind room sharing with a friend or similarly minded fellow tour guest.  The most popular option for hotel guests, and works best as almost all rooms are actually double or twin bedded rooms – not singles.






Self Catered “Chalet” deals

We use the same hotels on the outward and return journeys, with bed, breakfast and evening meal provided, but you’re self catering in Bourg.

Best compromise between price and comfort. Very sociable, with some “mucking in” with other people required.



Combination chalet & hotel deal – full trip 10 days / 9 nights. 

(would suit a couple, or two friends in one large chalet,  on ONE bike)

2 people (friends or a couple) on ONE bike, shared hotel room on outward & return journeys (2 nights), 7 nights’ posh chalet camping in Bourg St Maurice (normal occupancy = 4), 

 £1135 for two people


(that’s £567.50 each) or £658 for rider & £477 for pillion


Same deal – but with TWO riders (on 2 bikes) still sharing 1 chalet – with a room each. (or shared double if you prefer)

£658 each


Bill’s comment – this must be the best compromise of all.  Arguably the same level of comfort as a hotel room, but the tranquility & outdoor feeling of camping. In the open air, but with a cosy cabin to dive into if it rains.  Very close proximity to the supermarket and open air swimming pool.  Great cost savings to be made because self catering means you can buy good quality food, but cook it yourself. Dine either, indoors or al fresco with the tented people.  Also close to town, with its full range of bars & restaurants. Plenty of living space & privacy when chalet occupancy is just 2 people.



Combination chalet & hotel deal – full trip 10 days / 9 nights. 

3 riders per chalet

ONE bike, ONE rider, happy to share rooms in hotels and share a chalet on the campsite. Shared hotel room on the outward & return journeys (2 nights), 7 nights’ posh, shared, chalet camping in Bourg St Maurice   





£572 each is current 2010 price                                         £585 after 15th Feb.

(deduct £50 if one person is a pillion rather than a rider)


Bill’s comment – same chalet deal, but priced at 3 bike riders sharing a chalet.  (1 person per bike on 3 bikes).  The ideal compromise of all my deals?  Reasonable comfort in a self-catering chalet, with just enough space. Each person gets their own living space, if one uses the pull out bed in the living area. (each chalet has a double room, a twin bedded room and a living area).  The other option is to put up a small tent outside – just for sleeping.




Combination chalet & hotel deal – full trip 10 days / 9 nights. 

4 riders per chalet

ONE bike, ONE rider, happy to share rooms in hotels and share a chalet on the campsite. Shared hotel room on outward & return journeys (2 nights), 7 nights’ posh, shared, chalet camping in Bourg St Maurice (occupancy = 4).


 £530 each is current 2010 price, valid until 15th Feb 2011.


Bill’s comment – best all-round value of all?  Although it can become a tad crowded with 4 in a chalet. These chalets are designed to sleep up to 5 people, but I’m being honest when I say for any more than 3 people, it’s best if you already know each other, or are very laid back.  Accommodation would be one or two in the double bed, 2 in the twin room, and maybe up to 2 on the double pull-out bed in the lounge.  You see – they’d actually sleep up to six – but I’m not quoting for that!  Once again, if you’re a camper who wants a bit more living space & comfort, the use of a kitchen & fridge,  and also mains power, Wi-Fi & TV…….why not join the chalet, but put your tent right outside just for sleeping in.  Great compromise.

If any occupant is a pillion, not a rider – deduct £50 (£480)


I’m tired of quoting every possible combination.  If you are two couples, on two bikes for example, I can adjust the deal to suit.  (just deduct 2 x £50?)


These chalets are all the top spec, “Louisiane”, permanently plumbed in, Mobile Homes


I will see how the accommodation allocatios works out.  I can also offer 2/3 berth Gypsy Caravans or a conventional 2 berth caravan. These have kitchens & fridges but no bathrooms.  Prices work out slightly less.  Ask me if interested.






Camping Deals


For the traditionalist & lover of the Great Outdoors.  Very sociable and great value for money. The campers still get the same level of hotel comfort & meals on the outward & return journeys.  The tents are close to the chalets…. So if you ask nicely, there are some spin-off benefits from being near to your “posh” neighbours – charging your mobile phone for example.  Camping is great – unless it’s very very hot, or rains for days on end.  Note the sanitation blocks are excellent, with spacious, clean hot showers.



Single Rider Camping Deal – 10 days / 9 nights.  Hotels en-route

Single bike & rider, shared hotel room on outward & return journeys, 7 nights tent camping in Bourg St Maurice



Still £481 until Feb 15th 2011.                                Pillions go for £431.


Bill’s comment – must be the best value and most fun trip you can buy to the French Alps.  Fairly priced, and your own tent to sleep in.  Ah… the great outdoors.  Don’t forget, you still get a shared hotel room on outward & return journeys, with evening meals.

Is this the very cheapest way to do the French Alps on an Escorted Tour?  2 people on one bike, in a cosy little tent.  Still, with comfy hotel rooms on the way out, and back.  Just the same trip, and same experience of the full hotel deal – but for around half the cost.   It leaves a lot of pocket money for treats & luxuries J




This prices include return ferry tickets, all accommodation, breakfasts (if in hotel) and services of a fluent French speaking tour guide (me!).   The tour guide has had a mere 28 years' experience of going to Bourg St Maurice & its surrounding areas.

See sections to the left of this page for much greater detail.

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This early Summer tour is the same trip I run every year, using Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps as our base to spend the week. Please read these details carefully, as you may find this bike trip is a little different to what is offered by other motorcycle tour companies. It's a bit more of an adventure.  It's more than just another biking trip.  There's a lot more to the French Alps than just the bike riding. Think of this as a motorcycle vacation in France - a fun biking holiday rather than a conventional motorcycle tour where you pack up and move on every day.

Perhaps the image that springs to mind on many European motorcycle trips, is one of heavily laden touring motorbikes, riding daily from place to place, packing up each morning and loading the bikes up. Riding on to a different hotel in a different location every day. This can be stressful and tiring; even though you may well cover a greater area doing this, IMHO it isn't always worth the extra effort & mileage.

This trip to France is not like that. We ride down to the Alps, taking 2 days to get there (and 2 to get back), but then we make our base in Bourg St Maurice, dump our luggage, and use our bikes as toys for the next week to explore and exploit the mountain roads to the full.

You can do as much or as little riding as you wish - it's your holiday after all. I lead a number of ride-outs to make sure you experience the best the Alps has to offer, but on other days you can explore at your own pace, or indeed indulge in many other activities, not necessarily associated with motorcycling. We then return to England, once again splitting the journey over two days.

Whilst en-route to and from our destination, we use high standard hotel accommodation. On arrival in Bourg St Maurice however, I offer my guests a choice. This is another area where the Bike Tours UK trip is a bit different to the others. Most guests go for the charming but modest La Petite Auberge hotel, but I am also able to offer a camping experience as an alternative for roughie-toughie outdoor types. Please don't think of camping as the inferior option - agreed, it makes the trip affordable to just about anyone, and frees up enough extra cash to pay for fuel & beer for example, but it can also be a highly enjoyable alternative to a hotel.

Remember, this is France, not England, so the usually hot and sunny weather makes life under canvas a far more appealing prospect!

From 2007 onwards I now offer an "Alpine Chalet" alternative.  This is perhaps too grand a title; they are more like mobile homes. However, the larger ones are timber built, have two separate bedrooms, a living / kitchen area, separate WC and shower rooms (permanently plumbed in), and a terrasse outdoors on which to enjoy a glass of wine, or two.   This is a great compromise between hotel & camping, and is priced somewhere between the two.

By reading the articles and sub sections to the right and left of this page, you will find some background information on the area we go to, the itinerary, the prices, some photographs of previous trips and suggestions of some of the many varied and exciting activities that are available in the area.

If you are not sure whether this trip would suit you, by all means give me a ring to talk about it, tel 0115 846 2993.  There's even a DVD of the tour you may have seen, when it was on TV.

Make sure you click on all the sub-categories to the left, and the extra articles on the right.  If you want to do some private research on the roads we will be riding, check out the section on Savoie on this excellent website  You can also link through to purchase little movie clips of various mountain passes, if an armchair tour appeals to you more than the real thing.

  Why choose Bike Tours UK?

  La Petite Auberge

  Printable version of Alps information

  Just some thoughts worth reading

  Checklist of things to pack

  Breakdown Cover

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