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Ferry bookings & general travel section

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I'm a small company of one person, only able to offer a limited number of guided tours per year. So I've decided to introduce this section which enables the independant traveller to make their own ferry bookings, find their own UK accommodation, or just read through bits of travel advice which will begin to appear in this section.

LET ME GIVE YOU A TIP - this is important.  At the time of writing, March 05, there are some truly amazing ferry deals on this booking system.  The P&O Dover / Calais offers for example are unbelieveable right now.  £60 return?  Yes.  This is AMAZING; it's way cheaper than Tour Operator rates right now.  Perhaps I shouldn't be telling you this!  Warning - prices are fluid though - they WILL increase.  Grab a bargain NOW.  Use this booking system if you're an independent traveller who knows where you're going to this year.  A personal observation.  This booking engine is great to use.  It allows you to book MOTORCYCLES of course (as well as cars, vans etc), whereas a major similar ferry booker system doesn't, and it's easier to use than P&Os own website.  They cover ALL companies across the whole of Europe. Readers have started to use the system now - strangely, all bookings so far have been for CARS!  There's a bit of a glitch when trying to book multiple motorcycles, but I'll see if this can be fixed.  Groups of people, on separate bikes have to booked one at a time.  This works OK.  The problem comes with longer crossings, when onboard accommodation is needed.  They won't let 2 people book a cabin, with 2 motorcycles.  I need to find a way to resolve this.

Use the mini engine above to search for ferry bookings and no-obligation quotations. Find the deal to suit you, and book directly online with your credit card.  Even though I say so myself - this little tool is brilliant.  I've now used it myself and picked up some really competitive fares.  

Let me give you another tip.  It's only my opinion, but on a long ferry crossing of more than say, 10 hours, especially over night,  go for a cabin.  Don't try and save a couple of quid and take a reclining seat.  See here to find out why.

Isle of Man TT ferry crossings, Dover to Calais, Rosyth to Zeebrugge and lots lots more.  Don't forget - if you want a whole tour setting up - it might be worthwhile speaking to me first as I can perhaps offer you a very competitive deal which includes ferries, hotels with marked maps and some local knowledge.

Note if searching for TT ferries (Liverpool / Heysham / Douglas) you will find that many of the crossings are already sold out for the 2005 TT races.  That's how it is I'm afraid - many boats have been fully booked since July 2004.

Why give out free info? Because I like travelling and sharing information which may help other people.

I once came across a website called when doing some research on Thailand. It so impressed me, that I thought my own site should move slightly in that direction. That guy "Bob" gives out lots of information, with a nice, slightly cynical, twisted sense of humour, and all for free as far as I can see.

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Are you intending to tour the UK?

Whether it's for a motorcycle tour, or a trip with your family, I know some great little places in Wales, the Yorkshire Dales or the English Lake District.

I've removed the cottage booking section, because it was troublesome to keep updated, hardly anyone seemed to be using it, it cost hundreds of pounds to install and earned me exactly 0p in commision over the last few years :(

I put a recent trail riding photo in its place.  Derbyshire, at end of November 2008.

This section will one day offer travel advice to various other countries not offered direct by Bike Tours UK.   If I find an interesting place, I'll tell you about it.  Even if I've no intention of ever offering a motorcycle tour there. For organised tours in other countries see the "Other Motorcycle Tour Operators" in my links section, here.

Some of these destinations may be experimental, or "one-offs" to test the water. If they generate enough interest, they could become part of the regular Bike Tours UK programme one day.

I've promoted South Africa in the past, but no-one wanted to go there.  Shame really, because it's a fantastic venue for bikers.  It seems unable to shake off the old memories of Apartheid, and it's new reputation for violence.

Future plans for this section;

India - yes, I'll be working with an Indian based tour company.  I love India.  Been twice.
Sri Lanka - not going to offer tours there, but I've been biking there and enjoyed it lots.
Crete - ditto - great place to go.
Kos - same again - I've hired a dirt bike and ridden all round the island.
Cyprus - same again, I've hired bikes & cars there, and ridden mainly around the west, both on and off road.  Good venue for a biking holiday, any time of year. 

Malaysia - just got back from riding a bike over there - not the best venue specifically for a biking trip, but I can offer you some opinions nonetheless.

Nepal, Venezuela, Kenya, St Lucia, Tunisia, Andorra, Turkey, Spain - I've done them all.  A few lines on each might just be interesting or useful to readers.

All the places I've hired bikes or have travelled in - so I may get round to posting photos and contact information for you. One day. When pigs are spotted across the horizon. 

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