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ICELAND June, July & September 2013

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A truly amazing place.  Contact me for 2013 details - more or less th esame as previous years - so many pictures to see on Facebook, from 2011 and 2012 trips.

A Midsummer Bike Dream - big adventuire from £850 inc bike rental.

ICELAND – tours started June 2008 (again in 2009, and again in 2010, and again in 2011 and again for Summer 2012 and again for 2013)


2008 saw the first glimmer of a great new adventure for my regular Bike Tours UK best customers.  This trip had the potential to be one of my best ever adventure trips, offered exclusively to respected riders who I feel would enjoy the challenge of the first reconnaissance tour.  Read on for some ideas, some inspiration, and a proposed itinerary.   We did it in 2008 - then again and again and again every year since.


I went to Iceland in late July / early August 2006.  I was very impressed.


I’ve seen the high snowy mountains of the Alps and I’ve trekked and kayaked in the Himalayas.  I’ve ridden in the tropical jungles of Thailand & Malaysia, I’ve ridden sand dunes in the Sahara desert and I’ve endured Caribbean holiday resorts twice.  I even went to Centre Parcs once.


Of all these biking & family holidays, my family trip to Iceland (and subsequent bike tours) remains one of my favourite trips ever.


One of my many lasting memories?……..  lounging in a sulphurous hot tub, just South of the Artic Circle (near Husavic), looking out beyond the marshes, and out to sea, watching the sun dip below the red horizon at 1:20am.  Then watching it rise again at 1:26am, just six minutes later! (in August - a long night of just 6 minutes)


Hotels were very expensive, the price of hiring a proper 4x4 was eye-watering, eating out costs a fortune unless you eat hot-dogs, the weather can be very iffy and there are no pubs as such.  There’s nothing there.  The interior is cold, barren, bleak and deserted.  Yes, it really is a desert – an arctic desert. 


So what’s the attraction?


Nothing there?  Total emptyness? 


Yes. Exactly.


No crowds, very few “tourists”, no litter-strewn city streets, no traffic, no tacky shopping centres and mobile phone shops, no proper roads, no hoodies, no MacDonalds.   Truly wonderful!


For me, it’s the bleak isolation of the interior, the harshness, the dramatic beauty, the raw, untamed, living geological features which appeal.  The azure lakes, the hot springs, the explosive geysers, boiling mud-pools, active volcanoes, huge ice caps, massive glaciers, thundering waterfalls and the 24 hour Summer daylight which makes this country so utterly unique and compelling.


How about being there, in this vast, humbling interior on the very longest day of the year?  When the sun never sets at all? 


My dream is to try and offer a long weekend (say 3 or 4 days) around the longest day of the year, with  accommodation, 4x4 support and rental bike included.    It now works well as 6 day trip.



A good compromise is an affordable "long weekend" which still pulls in most of the major sights which Iceland is famous for.  We can still see the best of central and south-western Iceland in this short timeframe.



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You MUST DO IT!!!!


I'll add some assorted pictures to right hand side.  You need to click them to enlarge and get full quality.

  June 2010 Longest Day tour

  July 2010 Iceland Tour - even better!

  Western Fjords, Iceland

  2008 tour with Haddi

  amidst the Lava Fields

  more Lava


  Wild flowers

  Iceland links

  Checklist of things to take

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