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Mainland Greece

I am in contact with a keen motorcylcing lady in Greece, who has set up some interesting tours around her homeland. She would like to welcome you to Greece in 2004.

Either ride your own bike all the way out there, or make it easier on yourself; fly out and hire a bike there. Here's a full description of the tour in Anna's own words.....

Even as a Greek citizen myself, I am still very impressed by what my country has to offer as a traveller’s destination. Greece is situated at the SE edge of Europe and the thousand kms of its coastline and Islands are surrounded by the blue crystal waters of Aegean and Ioanian Seas. The mainland is full of mountains, rivers and plains that all together with the ever-loved sun shape a very attractive Mediterranean scenery. The very interesting history, the energetic present, a vivid culture and its people, make Greece a top holiday resort.

The tours are designed for motorcyclists with a sense of adventure that are not in any rush of arriving but enjoy road challenge. No advanced riding experience is required, even though I would not encourage novices.
The routes are quite twisty ones because of the big number of the mountains and indented coastline. We ride through amassing scenery between the sea and the sky. We visit small and bigger seaside resorts vertical cliffs, twisty green and bold mountains, gorgeous lakes and tiny hanging villages. Overall, we go through most of Greece’s natural and cultural palette. Big towns are avoided where possible and we stay only the most sophisticated ones. Back roads and a number of newer minor roads are used so to avoid traffic and give us the chance to have a closer look at the Greek countryside.
Fast riders can always ride at their pace at the several bits of the route.

At this moment all routes have to start and finish in Athens, as it is the only city on mainland Greece that has Bike Rentals over 250cc. In case the group comes with their own bikes I can alter the start/finish points.

From day one, the pressure is not given on riding endless kms, but riding enough and still have time to enjoy what happens around us. Walk amongst the locals, meet as a group, feel the nature and in general breathe in the country.
I do not want to force too much of “archaeology” or “action” to people and that is why I try to keep a healthy balance between pure ridding and body-spirit recreation. Attractions and activities are more than enough at most stops and people will be free to choose to wonder at sites all-day or just write postcards.
Initialy, when visiting the three major ancient sites, specialist guides were to be pre-booked. Never the less, because of their high cost I had to make it a service upon request. If the clients require a “ancient sites guide”, it comes up to: 120E for a guide at Delfi and 225E each guide for Epidavro and Ancient Olimpia respectively.
Two (2) activities that do not require advanced abilities or a lot of effort will be initially included in the program (for more info see section 5).
Judging from my travels I know very well the pleasant feeling of arriving at a good accommodation after a day’s ride. I took care of it, not only to be nicely situated but also to offer style, positive vibes, local colour and of course a good breakfast. Nowadays, several establishments take care of the above factors creating a range of really attractive choices (see section 3).
I would like to keep an easygoing atmosphere during the tour with a relaxed program (offering a lot of optional choices) and most of all a friendly and personal approach to the clients.

· I have designed a 14 day tour (1922kms) which can break down to a 5, 7 and 10 day ones or expand so to stay more at some places.
· At the 14 days version I initially have included 1X2 nights overstay
and 1X3 nights overstay.
· For a group of more experienced riders that wish to cover more kms per day the tour is compliant to meet their needs.

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