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Here's a section which covers the feedback I get from tour guests.  Apart from  sometimes correcting spelling mistakes or typos, these are the exact words of my customers.  See the interesting ones on the right hand side, just click on the images.

Note - these trips are not for everyone - I do get negative feedback from time to time as well, if the truth be told (less than 1 percent however). 

These tours were conceived, and first ridden as stonking bike trips for groups of my mates.   Gradually the customers came along, but the original premise of mates out riding together has stuck.

Personally I can't abide sterile, organised package tours (especially by coach! Ugh! shudder), with a fairly prescriptive agenda, and everyone having to tow the line and do the same things.

I offer "Package Tours" for people who hate package tours.

Most people enjoy what I like doing, the roads I like to ride, and the pace I ride at.  If you think like I do, you'll love the Bike Tours UK approach.  That's why there is so much rambling on this website.  You may pick up an idea of my slightly chaotic style, and you'll either love it or hate it. 

Much like Marmite. 

If you get the impression that it probably isn't for you, then you could well be right.  Often a phone call will establish what I'm trying to get at, and whether these tours are just right for you, or not.

Riders who are made for this kind of thing normally know it.

That's why I'm trying to be more and more specific in my tour descriptions.  If it's a long day's ride, I'll say so.  If the roads are steep and winding, I'll say so. 

If the TT races are the maddest, baddest, noisiest, most dangerous, fastest, most exciting, hard partying thing you'll ever witness, then I'll tell you.  If it's 99% packed with fast-riding, race-suited sports bike riding, race obsessed fans who couldn't give a toss about Harleys, then it's my honest duty to tell you so.

If the Alps are nearly 1000 hard miles away, and it might rain every mile of the way - it'd be rude not to point this out to you.  Then when you get there there are miles and miles of tortuous twisty roads, with high passes rising to nearly 10,000 feet.  It's only fair to warn you, just in case this doesn't float your boat.  But.. if that were the case, would you still be reading this now?

If half the roads we use in Thailand are just dusty loose trails, with some steep sections and the odd river crossing thrown in, I'll say so.  If the bikes we ride are modest little well-used XR250s, and the chilli-laden meals at the day's end will burn your mouth out, then again, I'll do my best to fore-warn you.  I'll even suggest several large Beer Changs to take aware the sting.   I'll continue to discourage anyone who doubts that this could be the best biking trip they've ever done.

Anyway - here's a selection of feedback....

Most of the stuff is in the articles to the right - just click on the photos.  Most recent comments are featured first.


Just read what the others have said, and come back to me with any questions you might have.


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"To all motorcyclists,
Bill was our guide when we took the Isle Of Man TT trip to Europe in 2001. I would recommend Bill be your contact for any travel in Europe. Even if you don't use his services he can provide some very helpful information.

Bill has some tour openings so if you are interested please contact him.

Ride swell"

Rich Sanderson. California, USA.

"I rented a motorcycle from Bike Tours UK in the
spring of 2002. Bill Roughton was my choice because he
made it easy to arrange (via email and phone) from
California and he offered a really good deal. My wife
and I met Bill in Nottingham and completed the paperwork
in a cave that may be the oldest active pub in England. Bill
is a true motorcycle enthusiast and as far as I am concerned
a comrade. He showed incredible hospitality and accommodated
our needs far above and beyond the ordinary. Our tour through
the Cotswolds was splendid and the bike was awesome!"

Jon Hose

"I felt the training you gave in British traffic was paramount to my survival, and felt the fighter pilot stance in riding by watching Bill ride his Suzuki ahead of me, gave me the boldness we don't have here in America. All in all my experience enabled me to enjoy sport touring and to shed my Goldwings for a sport touring machine, thanks Bill." Steve from Wisconsin, USA

(Note; I do not offer "Training" as such, but for those unfamiliar with British roads, I will give pointers on things such as roundabouts, and filtering. People enjoy my guiding service, because they can just follow me, with no worries about maps and navigation, which leaves them free to enjoy the ride.

Note - I've been riding a bike for 30+ years now, and my natural pace might be a touch quicker than riders from North America are accustomed to.   This is a big subject - but speed limits are higher here, and because the roads are more congested, riding in the UK can be a more frantic experience compared to some other countries. But, less frantic than others, eg. Italy!

Read the many and varied comments from customers down the right hand margin of this web page.  Click on the photos to activate the comments. Click on the photo again to enlarge it and improve quality.

  Tracy & Nathan. French Alps 2010

  Shaun returns for TT Races 2007

  Terry & Val's Alps Tour 2007

  Dobie at the TT 2007

  Shrek at TT 2006

  Jorge at TT Races 2006

  Andy & Carolyn, DIY Alps

  Aussie Andy - TT2005

  Shaun at TT Races 2005

  Vin's TT 2005 experience

  Dave & Charley's 2005 TT

  Isle of Man TT Races

  John Binns' TT 2005

  Geordie Gas Man coming back to The Alps

  The way we were...

  one from Bill himself

  Motorcycle Escape magazine's TT experience

  Best of Three weekend

  Clive's Alps Tour June 2004

  Best of Three from Brian

  Derbyshire Day Tour

  PW from Oz

  Bob's Alps trip 2003

  Bob M's TT turned Alps trip 2001

  Peter H on Best of Three Tour

  A 36 hour epic in Notts & Derbyshire

  Best of Three Tour

  Best of Three from AB

  Best of three from Brian & Pete

  B of 3, from MT

  Big Tone

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