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DIY High Alps, from £399 each

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A Bike Tour to the High Alps from £399 each, or even less if you want to camp. 

So, for those people who cannot attend one of my escorted tours featured on Men and Motors - how do you fancy doing exactly the same thing, but without me actually riding with you?   Same journey, same routes, same destination, but "do it yourself" after I've booked everything for you and given you all the instructions you need.

I can do you a 10-day (9 night) DIY "Package Tour" to the French Alps any time over the summer months, and you can enjoy the same roads that you may have seen on TV.

This offer is ideal for couples, groups of friends or even individuals who would like an independent tour, but with the advantage of having someone pre-book and pre-pay everything for you, plus give you suggested routes and things to do. 

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The standard package is just over a week, running from any Friday (morning or lunchtime departure from Dover) to the Sunday afternoon just over a week later. For most people, it's 6 days' leave from work.

The deal includes;

Return ferry crossings, normally with P&O, Dover / Calais
Hotels (half-board) on outward and return journeys, (INCLUDES 3 course meal on outward AND return journey now)
7 nights at La Petite Auberge (B&B)   OR a self-catering "chalet"  option in Bourg
Marked up maps & suggested routes provided (including day rides)
Coordination service - puts you in touch with others travelling at same time, if you want someone to ride down with (by mutual consent)

2010 Pricing – Full Hotel Deal, or self-catering “Chalet” alternative.



2010 Prices for Alps “DIY” trips.  Hotel Deal for 9 nights.


2 on one bike, shared room (friends or a couple)

Return Ferry,                                                                                                    

Mussy hotel, half board                                                                                 

LPA hotel, x 7 nights            B&B                                                                           

Dizy hotel HB                                                                                                           

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                  

 Grand total                                                                                                       £900


By 2  = £450 each


2 riders, shared twin or double room

Return Ferry,                                                                                       

Mussy hotel, half board                                                                                

LPA, x 7 nights            B&B                                                                            

Dizy HB                                                                                                           

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                  



Grand Total                                                                                                      £957


By 2  = £479 each


1 rider, own room

Return Ferry,                                                                                        

Mussy hotel, half board                                                                                

LPA, x 7 nights. 

Dizy    HB                                                                                                       

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                 



Grand Total (no-one to split cost with!so                                                                                                   £620





Same duration & destination, but “chalet” style  mobile home instead of a hotel in Bourg St Maurice


“Alpine Chalet” for  4 people at Le versoyen


4 riders, 4 bikes, shared twin rooms en-route, 4 in chalet

Return Ferries x4                                                                                    

Mussy    4 people half board                                                                                                    

Chalet Louisiane for 7 nights                

Dizy hotel Half Board, 4 people

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                     


Grand Total  for 4 riders                                                                                                    £1600


By 4  = £399 each



DIY Same trip, but  “Alpine Chalet” for  THREE RIDERS  at Le versoyen


3 riders, 3 bikes, shared twin / triple rooms if poss in hotels (or 2 rooms), 4 in chalet

Return Ferries x3                                                                                        

Mussy hotel              Half Board                                                                                          

Louisiane for 7 nights    

Dizy hotel HB                                                                                                           

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                     

Grand Total                                                                                                      £1340


By 3  = £446 each





Same duration & destination, but “chalet” style  mobile home instead of hotel)


DIY Same trip, but  “Alpine Chalet” for  just 2 people in large chalet at Le Versoyen


2 people, 1 bike, shared twin rooms, 2 in chalet (couple on one bike)

Return Ferries x1 with pillion                                                                                       

Mussy half board  hotel double                                                                                                      

Louisiane chalet for 7 nights

Dizy HB                                                                                                           

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                 


Grand Total                                                                                                      £1010


By 2  = £499 each



Same duration & destination, but “chalet” style  mobile home instead of hotel)


DIY Same trip, but  “Alpine Chalet” for  just 2 people (2 bikes) in large chalet at Le Versoyen


2 riders, 2 bikes, shared twin rooms, 2 in chalet

Return Ferries x2                                                                                       

Mussy               HB                                                                                           £120

Louisiane for 7 nights             

Dizy HB                                                                                                          

Marked Maps & Routes                                                                                 



Grand Total                                                                                                      £1075


By 2  = £537 each




If money is really tight, I could knock off another £40 or £50 by using Formula One or Etap hotels on the outward & return journeys.  It's a false economy.  These places are fairly unpleasant* and not worth the cost saving when you’re on holiday.


The prices above include breakfasts while in hotels and a really nice 3 or 4 course evening meal on the outward AND return journeys now.



See articles on right for even better value camping alternatives and more detail - contact me for more info.  I'm happy to talk you through it on the telephone.

Itinerary - flexible - I book your ferries and hotels - you are free to decide your exact route and schedule. However, my tried & tested plan, below, works well, and I'll supply you with the routes and maps I normally use myself.

Friday (day 1) - Take morning or lunchtime ferry from Dover to Calais.

Ride approx 300 miles to our hotel in a medieval village SE of Troyes. 

Saturday - ride the remaining distance to Bourg St Maurice - approx 300 miles.
7 nights in Bourg, with suggested rides in the mountains and into Italy and Switzerland (optional extra - guided rides by Robin on his Triumph Speed Triple)

The following Saturday, ride 400 miles up through France to a hotel in Sezanne or Dizy.

Sunday (day 10) ride the remaining distance (approx 200 miles) to Calais to catch an early afternoon ferry back to Dover.

* Why don’t I use the very cheapest hotel rooms?


  • “Fairly unpleasant”.  Why do I say this?
  • Why don’t I recommend Formula One, or Etap, or Mister Bed, or even the slightly better Premiere Classe hotels on a motorcycle tour?


  1. Location.  These are usually built on an industrial estate on the outskirts of a big city.
  2. Soul-less, and no character.  A lot of plastic.
  3. The cheaper ones usually have no bar or restaurant.  Nowhere to sit and relax with your friends.  Not a place to spend a pleasant & convivial evening.  No fun for a group of travelling bikers.  Sitting down together for a nice meal & a few glasses is part of the holiday.
  4. Where there actually is a restaurant on the premises or close by, think “Little Chef”, ratjher than Egon Ronay.
  5. These hotels are like a downgraded Travel Lodge or Premier Inn – OK and functional – but in my opinion you can do much better for a few Euros more.



On the plus side, what are the benefits of the Formula One type of hotel?


  1. Cheap – although not quite the bargain they once were, with current poor exchange rates.
  2. Good for late arrival  - reception is often manned up until around midnight, and after this you can auto-check-in with your credit card any time through the night. If your UK card is accepted J
  3. Anonymous.   If you want to be seen by no-one, speak to no-one, nor socialise with anybody else either.  Ideal for escaped serial killers & loners.
  4. I’ve used them many times on ski trips – taking a late ferry out of the UK, get an hour's CAR driving under my belt, check in after midnight, get 7 hours kip, then straight back on the motorway to reach the Alps by late afternoon.  Does the job in certain circumstances, bu tnot ideal for a Bike Tour.


  Chalet Option

  Chalet Floor Plan

  Alps DIY Camping option from just £299 each. 10 days

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