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Why choose the French Alps?

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France is relatively close and easy to get to, and is the number one destination for motorcyclists taking their first trip abroad. Although Northern France is a popular choice for many, due to its proximity, I find the gently rolling plains of the North, just cannot match the splendour and challenge of the high mountains further South.

On the approach to the Alps, the fun begins. You cannot fail to be impressed by the mountains; lots of them dominating the skyline, and up to 4 times higher than anything you'll see in the British Isles. Even in the height of Summer, you can still ride amongst snow-capped peaks, tumbling glaciers and cascading mountain streams. Twisty, well-surfaced roads take us right up amongst the summits, to dazzling sunshine, crisp clean air and natural Alpine meadows teeming with wild flowers. Park the bike and walk for a while, and you'll often see and hear the whistling Marmottes, furry beaver-like creatures, now emerging from their Winter hibernation.

This is a fantastic place to ride a motorcycle and must be the equal of anywhere else in the world. It is not just the riding that is superb; there are numerous opportunities to take part in. Many other outdoor adventure activities such as skiing (yes, even in summer), mountain biking, climbing, white-water rafting, kayaking or even an unforgettable descent as a passenger in a tandem para-glider. These are not activities directly organized by Bike Tours UK, but are available through well established companies in Bourg, if anyone wants to try these.

Don't worry, you don't have to be anywhere near as active as this if you don't want to be. Gentle pottering around, sightseeing, or relaxing by a pool with a chilled 1664 are also a fine ways to spend your summer holiday. The adventure stuff is there if you want it, but most are happy with riding the mountain roads on their motorcycle.

click here to enlarge France has the added benefits of a civilized country, reasonably priced hotels, good campsites, good weather, no anti biker prejudice, great food, bargain beer and excellent wines. Need I go on?

The Bike Tours UK trip is a HOLIDAY, not an endurance event. There is no denying that it's a fair old ride to get down there, but once arrived, we stay in one place, and The Alps are our playground for the week. You can do as little, or as much extra motorcycle riding as you wish. The basic return trip from the Midlands of England is around 1700 miles, but you should allow for an extra 400 to 1000 miles depending on how much extra riding you decide to do while in the region.

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