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Up to 81% of people reading this now are from the United States. Most of you are employed in IT or similar communications or computer industries. A fair proportion of you live in California.

The stats indicate that I should continue to offer “vacations” for visiting bikers from abroad. I offer my France and thailand trips more for the UK readers.

I apologise if some of this website content may seem condescending. Some of the stuff on it is so blantantly obvious to UK readers, but I'm trying to add more and more content which is useful to overseas visitors. So, if I bleat on about the weather, or speed cameras, or describe what a "B&B" is, I'm just trying to help the Yanks.


Due to my knowledge and experience of France, it would be a waste not to offer you an annual trip to the French Alps. I’ve been going there with assorted groups of people most years since 1983, and cut my teeth as far back as 1973 on school exchange visits. I hold a degree in French & Geography, and qualified as a French teacher in 1985. I need to get back every year to practice my accent and fix my craving for good food and Alpine roads.

The Alps trip is getting bigger year on year. I'll run 2 trips in 2004, even a third if the interest is there. I don't believe in having more than 20 bikes on a trip though, and usually it's much less than this.

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