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Motorcycle Hire & Rental

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UPDATE - as of late November 2006, I stopped offering motorcycle hire. So if you're going to whine about this, click away now.   

I'm happy to explain why, to any interested parties, but it comes down to the level of machine damage, cost of insurance, thefts and crashes.  It's a lot of work, hassle and risk - for little or no return - so why do it?

So - I no longer do motorcycle rental myself, but I know a man who does, and can track down machines for my tour customers.   I recommend Superbike Rental, just outside London, (click here).

I will leave this rental information on the website for the time being, becauses the prices, and terms and conditions are broadly similar to what you'll find amongst the few other outlets in the UK still offering motorcycle hire.

The gratuitous photo on the left is just to get your attention. I can get you the bike (through other suppliers now), but sadly can't provide the girl! Her dress matches my logo - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

In general, riders must be over 25 years of age, and there is a £500+ deposit ("deductible") to pay against theft or damage.

Please use the locks provided because theft is a massive problem in the UK. 250,000 bikes have been stolen in the UK since 2000, 2 of these being mine.  (my red Bandit 600, was stolen whilst on hire, and my Dominator 650 was also stolen, but recovered).   Please use secure, garaged parking where available.

Most models are subject to a daily 250 mile limit - on balance though, averaged over a trip, this distance is normally fine.   England isn't a big country.

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Unless stated, the bikes tend not to come with luggage systems, but I can supply soft luggage, tank bags and other items if required. Similarly, I have a small quantity of spare helmets, clothing, and camping gear.

See list in right hand margin.

E-Mail me at, or phone 0115 846 2993 discuss your particular requirements if yo uneed a bike to tour with me.

Guests hiring a bike in Nottingham (via Pidcocks) have the option of assistance in picking up and returning the bike, and a guided familiarisation ride for those new to riding in the UK. Machines can usually be taken out of the UK as long as suitable additional recovery insurance is arranged.

For non-UK licence holders (eg. North Americans), hire is still possible, but some insurance companies impose an extra charge of £15 per week. US driving licences are acceptable.    These charges vary from supplier to supplier. Some dealers simply incorporate these extra fees in their (higher) rental rates.

  Superbike Rental, nr London. (that's SOUTH)

  Buy a bike and resell it

  Want to hire a bike in Portugal?

  Triumph Thunderbird Sport

  Helmets, clothing and equipment

  E-Mail Us: Call Us: 00 44 (0)115 846 2993 Translate Spanish