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Why Book with Bike Tours UK?

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From kayaking down the Sun Khosi river in Nepal, to potholing in County Clare, to trail riding in Northern Thailand, my own very best adventure holidays have usually needed that little bit of help and support from someone in the host country. I can offer you the basic framework to set up your independent tour of ther UK or elsewhere, or a fully supported service with airport transfers in some cases, guiding and pre-arranged accommodation.  Or more likely, something between these two options. 

I can usually set up an overseas tour for you as well, even if I'm not there with you, and it's not an escorted tour. These trips to France, I call "DIY" tours.  I provide all the necessary hand-marked maps, hotel bookings, ferries and background information.  Yuo just follow my instructions and "Do It Yourself".

Bike Tours UK is run as a home based business because it's something I enjoy doing - not because it's going to make me rich. I combine this with looking after a young family as well, and this is why I only offer a handful or tours per year. Much as I'd like to be out on the bike all year round, I can't be.

With Bike Tours UK, you get a friendly, personal service. It's not a large company, and I'd like to think it's better off as a result.

Have a good look around, check out the various tour operators, and have a chat on the phone with the guys. Pick one with the style and itineraries which suit you best. We're all doing similar things, but riding to slightly different places and often with a very different operational style. Ask how many bikes are on the tour.  Do you want to ride in a steady, regimented convoy of 30+ bikes (NOT Bike Tours UK style), or would you like smaller groups and the freedom to ride at your own pace?  "Own Pace" doesn't have to mean slow.  There are guys who want to "press on a little" as well,  and that's fine by me.

I'm not ashamed of the fact that I only do the tours that I actually want to do myself, and only go to places that I really like riding through. I usually select modest accommodation options, not 5 star luxury hotels. Unusually for a Motorcycle Tour Company, I can usually offer my guests a camping altenative as well, which makes these trips much more affordable. I can supply all the necessary camping equipment if you don't have it already. Don't let a meagre tour budget put you off - it needn't cost the earth.   My own early days of touring were done on a shoestring.

click here to enlarge I've been touring or escorting groups through France for 25 years, albeit only on a commerical basis for the last 7. I've spent a total of around 3 years actually working in France in connection with the leisure and tourism business, and I visit the French Alps up to 6 times per year. (Skiing in Winter, biking in Summer).  I am also fully fluent in French, to university degree level & beyond, which is so useful (I'd even say, imperative) when it comes to sorting out any problems that may occur.

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